Thursday, January 31, 2013


So my sales taxes are due tomorrow and I thought it was as simple as entering a number... yeah I was wrong, it's like entering 20 numbers...that I don't know!
There is so much more to owning/running a business than what I thought. Not only do I create, sew, package, email, list, buy... I have to deal with taxes. Thank goodness by aunt not only helps with sewing, but is a bookkeeper!
I really need to have a better system this year.

On another note, my friend Aymie has created an amazing new logo for me and I can't wait to put it on everything!

I also decided to do a consignment event.. IN 3 WEEKS.
AM I NUTS? Yes, I am.

I need to go to bed now...hopefully I can sleep with this tax stress taking over my thoughts!!!!


  1. Oh my! Glad you have some help with the books. I'm curious how your business runs, between the etsy store and other events and very jane deals. what is Very Jane?! You sound so very busy!!

  2. Very Jane is a website that has 3 day sales. So my blankets are normally $35, but I'll do a 3 day sale for only $19.99... it is crazy. Haha.
    I really don't know how I run my business. 2012 was my first year and I'm learning how I want to do everything.. I guess if I could start over, I would have set up my books and everything before I stated, but I honestly had NO idea where I was going when I first started. I never thought I would do as much as I do. But I LOVE IT!

  3. It sounds awesome and busy in the best of ways. I would love to have a sewing related small business one day, so I enjoy hearing about your shop and adventures. Looking forward to seeing your new logo! Take care :)