Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ships in 4 business day.

Why the title you ask? Because the fabric I ordered from spoonflower, that I had someone design for me, yes design for me because I know NOTHING about that, is going to ship in FOUR days! So hopefully by next week I will have my sweet little hands on it.

I have so many things I want to do and I feel like everyday goes by so fast that I'm running out of time to do them! But then I have to step back, and think.. I need to take it slow, enjoy what I have NOW, enjoy my kids at the crazy age they are at, screaming, running around the house, giving me a headache... ha.. I need to relax, not too much, but enough to take in the sweet things in life. I feel like I am a workaholic when I am home, yes I'm home with my kids, but it i different, and it is very hard to be a working stay at home mom.

Anyway, if you start reading this blog, you will realize that
1. I am slightly crazy
2. I talk a lot
3. I get side tracked a lot.. see above, I was talking about fabric, then I went on to talking about time and my kids!

Back to the fabric. I wanted something different, something fun, something ME! So I asked Ross Trimmer (you can find him on etsy and instagram and probably by googling his name, he's a tattoo artist in richmond) to create something. He had already made this really cool ABC print, but he changed it up a bit and made it a one of a kind for augie & lola. It is amazing. When I received the painting in the mail, I became all giddy. It is currently sitting on the bookcase below this AMAZING wood work that my friend Aymie designed ( It is the city of Chicago, carved onto a piece of wood, so detailed and amazing. We lived in Chicago for 4 years (my husband lived in Illinois until we moved in 2007) until we moved back to where I am from, good ol' California! But I had the best 4 years in Chicago (best & worst!) so seeing it on my wall everyday brings a smile to my face, and knowing my best friend designed it, makes me even happier!

Anyway, see I'm way off subject here.
Currently I am working on my very jane deal that ended on the 27th of December. So far, my aunt and I are about 1/4 of the way done. I haven't gotten sick this deal (THANK GOD, because I have the last two deals!) and we planned a head, a little. I am planning my next deal either next week or the following week. YES, I am crazy, but the sales from the very jane deals will help with the inventory I need to build up for the STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL. I have been debating whether or not to do it, but I really really want to, and maybe I will hate it or maybe I will love it! We shall see in May!

And I'm tired, so here's to hopefully one of many late night blog posts.


  1. I'M excited to see that fabric, so I can't imagine how excited you are!

  2. special fabric--how fun!! One of these days I'll have to give Spoonflower a try... I've lost hours browsing the many lovely designs there.