Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What are hard day.

Today, oh today. I woke up, everything was fine. Then as I got moving, my mind was overflowing with crazy. The past few weeks I have had some ideas, thoughts, dreams, goals.. but the problem is.. they are filling my mind and making me crazy. I want to attack so many things, but I already have so many things going, that I can't do them all at once and it is making me go crazy.
I want to add new things to the etsy shop, I want to update all my listings, I want to make things for the Strawberry Festival, I want to focus more on the fabric shop, I want to prepare for the next Very Jane deal even though I'm still working on the blankets! It's too much for me to think about and today I lost it.
I called my aunt to talk to her about it, I think I just needed to vent. She understands what I'm talking about because she is with me 2-3 days a week sewing, plus she sews at home for me. Yes, I don't do all this by myself, my aunt is a huge part, and my cousin has stepped in to start helping too.

Anyway, she said to just write everything down, make a dead line for things, and then do ONE at a time until I've reached a point where I can't move forward and then move onto the next item. So I made a list for today, and I feel better, even though I haven't finished one thing on the list! I will finish, I will be up late finishing!

On another husband is hardly ever in a bad mood, and tonight..he was rotten! It's weird when he's rotten, because usually he just keeps to himself. He snapped on August for making annoying noises (which I would have snapped too, but I was just laughing because he hardly ever gets mad at August). Speaking of August, he's a HORRIBLE eater, so we have decided to start the "YOU EAT WHAT WE EAT FOR DINNER"... tonight was not fun, it was 8:45 and he still didn't eat. He asked for a PB&J, and I said no, not until he eats the dinner that I made him. He kept asking and I would not give in. He also was really tired, which makes him really emotional. Finally he stepped and sat with Matt on the chair and fell asleep. I hope tomorrow night goes better, I'm going to make spaghetti... I know he won't want it, but I hope after tonight he will at least TRY it!

Ok and enough. I'm ready to work, just wish I had some fake coffee aka caramel macchiato.

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  1. Being overwhelmed is the worst, and something I'm used to. I think your aunt is on to something, I love that idea! And while I have no experience with kids and food, I think you are doing the right thing. He won't starve himself, and you are stronger than you know!