Monday, January 7, 2013

It's here!

Today was a crazy mail day. The mailman had 5 boxes, 2 packages and a bill. I was so confused why there was SO much. Then I realized most of it was boxes for shipping, and fabric I had ordered to finish my Very Jane deal.. but I was NOT expecting the fabric from SPOONFLOWER!
I was freaking out, ripping the package open in front of the mailman in my doorway.
I was SO excited, SO SO SO excited.
So I love it. But we are going to make a few changes. First, the background color is going to be lighter, and second, I'm going to make the print smaller. I might do a "large" print for blankets and bigger items, and then a "small" print for bibs, zippered pouches and smaller items. 

So many have asked.... did YOU design this? So here goes the long version of a short story. I know a guy, Jason, who knows a guy Ross, both are tattoo artist. Jason I know personally and he's done a few tattoos on me. I do not personally know Ross, but only his pictures through Instagram (he's from Richmond, so I have never met him). Anyway, Ross is an owner of a boston terrier, so I added him on Instagram. One day, his wife went into labor and he ordered a sheep bib from me. So I went to his etsy shop and saw he had this really cool wall art:
I was in love with it!
So flash forward to about a month/two months ago. I really started thinking about how I wanted to design fabric, but I have NO drawing/painting skills. My stick figures are even horrible. So I thought about maybe asking a few artist if they would want to work together with me. The first person I thought of was Ross, and his amazing ABC nursery art. I contacted him through Instagram, and then we had a few emails back and forth and then a phone call. I always get weird when I talk to people on the phone that I have never met before. I get nervous and can't talk right, it's really weird. 
So we discussed some ideas and he got to work. He would send me updates on the painting, and every time I saw the progress I knew it was going to be amazing. 
So about a week ago he was done, scanned it, and sent me the finished painting. I received the painting, the same day he sent me the file to upload to spoonflower. Thankfully, my friend Aymie was visiting and was able to help me! So we uploaded it, messed around with sizing, and then I submitted my order. It took about 2 weeks and now I have it!
I can't wait until we get the color and sizing correct. I think about all the things I want to make with it. 
So now we are onto planning the next design. I have a few ideas...just waiting until we get the first one finalized. 

So did I design this fabric, no I personally didn't paint it/design it. But this fabric is only to be used for Augie & Lola products. So is it my fabric, yes it is, and I'm so dang excited. 


  1. totally awesome fabric!! Love the artwork and how it has the letters with each image.

  2. I can't wait until you start sewing with it!