Thursday, January 3, 2013

3rd day of 2013

So last night I was talking to my friend Erin (her sewing blog) and telling her how I need to utilize my blog more and stop posting so much on facebook. I feel like I can get more personal on my blog and build relationships with other people. I am in NO WAY a "blogger", but more of a person that likes to share my ideas, my goals, dreams, daily life and build friendships with people I don't know!
So here is a start to something new and hopefully I last longer than 2 posts!
I will begin sharing my new etsy items, as well as ideas, Very Jane deals, coupon codes, daily life with augie & lola (and my husband, cat, and dog), and just be ME.

*August 19th, celebrating 6 years of marriage and my very first Vespa ride!*


  1. Go Krista! I'm ready to read more about your adventures!

  2. Hi Krista, I'm Qui. I blog at

    I was browsing your Etsy store and fell in love with the Chuckwagon bib--sooo cute!! I don't have any need for bibs just yet, but I've got my eye on your shop ;) very cute stuff--I like your style.

    1. Thanks Qui! That shirt you made your husband, awesome. My husband would love me more if I could do that for him, haha!

  3. I'm happy to read this! I want to hear more about your life and who knows maybe we'll do some giveaways together some day!! (I'm also so happy we've been hanging out more)