Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cha cha cha changes...

So my friend Aymie was over after Christmas and we were talking about my website and designs and stuff.. she's a graphic designer and I envy her talent.
Anyway, she helped me fix some things on my website and then told me that she's going to change my logo. This is my second logo, and although I love it, I realized putting this bright crazy logo on everything...is going to be hard. So now I'm going for a more simple but fun look. My dear friend Anni has helped me with so much of my design stuff, creating and sending me files for everything, including business cards, thank you tags, etc. I am sad that I won't be using her creations any more..but I know changing my logo yet again is something I need to do before the year is over.. I know, it is only January, but do you even know how fast time goes now?!

Aymie sent me a few designs and I really liked a few of them. I am slowly starting to make changes with everything I do. When I first opened my etsy shop, I was all about cute cheesy fabric and I didn't care who made it..then the more I started really learning about fabric, designers, what I was doing.. I cared about more things. I started to only buy nice quality fabric, designers that I can learn about. It is really weird that think that I know NOTHING about fashion, but ask me about fabric designers, and I just might know a thing or two!
Anyway.. so I was really all about baby. Baby bibs, burp cloths, shoes and blankets. Yes, I started with SHOES, but I rarely do them now.
I knew that when Lola got a little older, I was going to get sick of "baby", even though I didn't even make her too many things!
So the time has come where I make the transition from all baby, into baby & moms (aka everyone). I am starting to make wet bags, that yes, are mostly used for moms who cloth diaper, but can also be used as a make up bag for a 17 year old, or 50 year old! I want my focus to be on everyone and not just moms with babies. I'm making box pouches, that can be used for anything by anyone.
I will always carry baby items, but I want to expand, and that my friends is what I'm doing.

I am so tired. I didn't do any sew/work tonight, except list these things on etsy:


  1. Your creations are very pretty. I love the colours, can't wait to see more of them!
    Bella @ sea and salt

  2. I'm so proud of how far you have come even from one year ago, my Krista!