Friday, April 26, 2013

Lookie Boo / The House That Etsy Built

Awhile ago I was contacted by Lookie Boo about a project they were doing. They asked Etsy shops for products for their new home, and it would be featured on their website. I thought it would be a great idea to kind of get "Augie & Lola" out there, and especially the fabric that was designed for me by Ross Trimmer
I agreed to do it and wasn't sure what to expect. I had seen a few sneak peaks on their website and I was getting really excited. 
They had pictures done on April 1st and they should all be on their website soon! But here are a few that I got from Tiffany. 
I am really jealous of their kids room and when we move (because yes, we just found out the owners of our house want to sell, so we have to move!) I am going to decorate Augie & Lola's room really cute!
PS. I have their kids names! Jude & Ruby, SO CUTE!
And to find out who made the cute pillows, visit

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rotary cutter got me

I know I've really slacked on this whole blog thing.. but to be honest, I'm not a bloggy person. But I thought I'd try again....

So I've had a really busy beginning of the year. I had done very jane after very jane after very jane.. and then right as I was done with the last one, I did MooLaLa consignment boutique. AND all while doing that, I had etsy orders to fulfill. AND then, in three-ish weeks, I have The Stitch Market, and then at the end of May, the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival. YES I AM BUSY.
The bad thing about being busy is I forget about all the household things that need to be done.
So let's back up.. from hell. I was cutting fabric with a rotary cutter, that I probably should have used scissors for... yada yada.. SLICE. I completely cut the top right portion of my left thumb nail and the tip of it. THANK GOD MATT WAS HOME! The second I did it, I grabbed my thumb with my right hand and yelled to Matt "I CUT MY THUMB...I CUT IT REALLY BAD!" I ran into the bathroom and he went to get a paper towel. I sat on the toilet just crying because I was really mad at myself, and yes, it hurt, really bad. I HEARD it cut through my nail (and later we found my nail with flesh under it on the table). Thankfully my best friend lives behind me (literally), and she's a nurse. She took me to the urgent care here in AG.. and it was closed.. even though they said they close at 5, and it was only 4:30! THANKFULLY Danielle's dad is a doctor, so we went to his house and he wrapped it all up for me.
So you think that's bad?
Next day... Danielle came over to help me change the dressing on my thumb.. but the gauze was STUCK ON MY FLESH! After thinking long and hard about what to do, she said she would pull it off if I wanted her to.. so that's what we did. I told August I was going into his room and he would probably hear me scream, but that I'm ok. So we walked in there.. I grabbed a towel and my wrist.. I told Danielle to just do it.. and seconds later she did. I thought to myself, I gave birth.. this is nothing.. I was wrong. It burnt/hurt SO bad.
We wrapped it up after the bleeding stopped, I took lots of advil and tylenol to help with the pain!
Side note - same day, I got a call from our property management company, the owner has decided to sell the house, so we have to move!!!!
Yesterday I was able to use my rotary cutter again.. scary.
Today I wore just a band aid and tape over it, I just have to be really careful not to hit the tip of my thumb.. because I did twice this morning and I just about pooped myself.
Really long story short - be careful!

So back to my point of household things .. since I haven't worked on any orders, and haven't sewn in almost 5 days, I realized how much I haven't done around the house. I don't know if it's because we are going to have to start packing and keep the house extra clean for when it is shown to potential buyers.. but I looked at each room and said.. CLEAN. So I started with the bathroom. The shower is old and gross, so it's hard to make it look clean, I clean it, but it's still stained and gross looking, but I know it's clean! I did ALL the laundry, that's a miracle. I also organized mine and Matt's room, and made sure all the toys were picked up when Matt got home.
I think when I start back up with working (tomorrow) that I need to set a schedule for house work so I don't let it get like this again. Don't think my house is a disaster, it's not, my husband wouldn't allow it! But there are times when I let the laundry pile up until there's 10 loads.. or I don't clean the shower every week, but I do vacuum almost every other day!
Anyway... this is a really long & pointless post, but I felt like writing about it!!!!