Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve!

Today I made this 28x31 baby blanket with minky. It was my first time sewing this much minky. It turned out pretty good except for the minky is a little bigger than the cotton side so it "sags" a little. I also bought fleece to use on the back of things instead of always using chenille. I actually really like the fleece! More pictures soon! Have a Merry Christmas!!

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So I bought new fabric. All the cupcake stuff will be made into bibs/bandana bibs and burp well as shoes and possibly a blanket. The bikes are for shoes, but I'll have a lot left over so I'll make more fun stuff and the giraffes are for a blanket for my friend Anni. The two owls at the bottom are for my stash!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


So I made this shirt for our neighbors daughter who is turning one soon.

However, I'm disappointed how the neck line turned out. I thought the pattern could have been explained a little better. I think next time I'll make the neck square, the circle was too hard for me to make look nice.
I'm also making her a pair of blue polka dot shoes to match.
Pictures soon.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Receiving Blanket

Last night I made a flannel receiving/swaddle blanket. I double top stitched it and made it big. 39x39, bigger the better! I also made this custom bib. Tonight I'm making a shirt and shoes for our neighbors daughter. Her birthday party is Friday!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The dress...

So last Friday I decided to make a dress for my husbands work party...that was Saturday! I learned so much from doing it.. I messed up a few times, but overall I'm really happy with it!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

I make myself laugh

Tonight I was having a hard time threading my bobbin, I was getting pissed because it was already 12:30, and I was tired. I googled it, I knew I had to be doing something wrong...oh and I've had this machine for almost a year...
Anyway..I totally figured it out! Holy crap..all this time I was doing it wrong! Wasting so much thread. Hahaha. All I can do is laugh. I wasn't wrapping the thread twice, so it was tight enough! DUH!

Here is what I finished (except adding snaps, and top stitching one bib). The owl bib is for an etsy order! Oh and I found this bird cage fabric at Joann it! It's flannel. I'm going to make Lola a dress and then stuff for etsy.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I've been cutting fabric all day..well throughout the day!
I'm trying to get all my cupcake fabric cut, pinned and sewn so I can take my bibs, bandana bibs, and burp cloths to a local cupcake shop in Grover Beach called Lickety Split!
The owner is friends with my aunt and she said whatever I make that has cupcakes on it, I can bring in to sell! I'm hoping this will help get my name out there! Here are a few photos of what I've cut:

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Monday, December 5, 2011


This is Lola, she is modeling the bandana bib. She's cute.

The start of something big....I hope...

I bought my sewing machine almost a year ago, I knew how to sew...kind of. I just had to teach myself and call my Aunt Donna whenever I had a question. I started out big.. I made myself a diaper bag, which I actually just use as a purse because it is kind of small for a diaper bag. I always get compliments on it, I think it's because of the tea cup fabric I used...but if you look at it closely, you can tell I didn't really know what I was doing! But for it being my first project, it turned out pretty good.

My mother in law bought me baby shoes off of etsy from a girl that I think is a teacher where she works...and I thought, hmm..these looks like something I could make. So I went on etsy and bought a few patterns.

I will say my first few pairs...turned out like crap, but each pair I made, I was getting better. I still have the first few I make, just so I can compare...then and now..what a difference! I wasn't really expecting to do anything with the shoes, other than make them for my daughter, but I kept getting friends and family telling me to sell them, sell them, sell them! So I decided to get serious about sewing and practice more and making more shoes, giving my first few decent ones away to friends and family.. and then I set up my etsy shop, but didn't put anything on there.

I had a few friends pregnant around the same time I was, so I decided to make them a few gifts. I made them all burp cloths and bibs....again not great, but then I got better the more I did.

I put a few pairs of my shoes on etsy, and then black friday came around and I went to Joann's...weird right. Flannel was on sale for $1.49/yard...dang.. but I don't use flannel... this is when I flannel, make bibs, and burp cloths!

So now I am focusing on getting lots of burp cloths, bib, and bandana bibs up on etsy, and then working on shoes after that.

My friend Heather wanted KEY shoes for her friend that is pregnant with the last name Key, so I made them and put them on etsy for her to buy them on there. My friends mom, Pam, wanted to order some bibs, so she was officially my first etsy order... then one night I was checking my email and saw that I had money go through my paypal.. someone had bought the key shoes...and it wasn't Heather! I was so excited to get that first real order from someone I didn't know (which come to find out, she is actually related to Amanda Craners husband! it is his cousin, weird, small world).

Anyway.. here I am.. trying to set up a day cut, one day sew...
I am also going to put stuff at Lickety Split - cupcake themed. I am excited about that. Once I get some more stuff made, and sold, and made...I'm going to look for other places that sell handmade items.

I am really excited about this adventure.. and wondering where it will take me. Thanks for following along!