Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What do I post about?!

So I heard blogging is a really good way to promote yourself....but what am I suppose to write about?!
The projects I'm working on, the things I want to make but have no time...I don't know! Here are some blankets I recently finished. The last one is an organic cotton, Cloud 9, Monsterz Mash. The first one is red zig zag remix (chevron) from Robert Kaufman. I already sold the key one to a customer in Canada with the last name Keyes!

So currently I'm working on a few more blankets and then a wipeable changing pad. It is with PUL fabric and I have never used that, so I am hoping it goes smoothly. I also ordered some stuff to start making paci clips. I want to do a deal on (if you haven't checked out that site.. you should). Hopefully I'll get all that stuff this week, because I really want to start on it!
Other than that, I've been staying busy with orders and sewing new blankets.

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