Thursday, April 26, 2012


I feel like this is more of a personal blog than a promote my business blog.. but whatever!
I should be getting some work done, but I am so tired and all I can think about it sleep...but then I can't sleep because I think about all the work I have to do! Lola has been such a grump at night lately that it is really hard for me to get started at a decent time... see it's already 10...I just heard her cry, but luckily Matt was able to stop her before she went all crazy pants on us. She is the COMPLETE opposite of August when it comes to bed time, he was the best sleeping baby ever!

Got some new chevron fabric in the mail today from The Fab Store on etsy. I am excited to get my hands on some of the Riley Blake Chevron.. I knew when it first came out I should have bought a bunch, but waited and then it was sold out on so many sites! I was glad she had some, and then I also got the Robert Kaufman Remix Zig Zag (chevron) and some others. I also bought 3 different Michael Miller Guitar fabrics from Hawthorne Threads, they are one of my favorites, super fast shipping!
I'm expecting a giant order of minky, always love getting new fabric in the mail no matter what it is!
BUT I have so much that I need to figure out a different way to store it all!
I need to plan a trip to ikea so I can get another shelving unit.

Well enough about fabric... off to cut it all out!

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