Friday, December 21, 2012

Very Jane Blanket Deal

So I decided that my next Very Jane deal would be BLANKETS! Even though this seems like it would take forever to do, I feel like it might be the easiest because there aren't as many steps as all the other ones I have done.
So here are the blankets I will be offering and the minky that I think goes well with them.
White of course would go with any of these blankets.

ANY COLOR! I really love this with yellow!

Yellow, Orange, Brown are the top three. It would also look good with Dark Turquoise. you could do olive & red, but they won't match exactly. 

Light Pink, Tiffany, Pink

 I think White is really the best color but if you want a bright color I would do Pink, Yellow, Turquoise, Orange, Fuchsia, Navy.

 White is the best. But any color would work if you want it that way!

 Fuchsia, Watermelon, Pink, Light Pink

 Charcoal, Black, Tiffany, Red
 White, Ivory, Orange, Brown

 White, Fuchsia, Lime Green

 Brown, Dark Turquoise, Olive, Mango
White, Olive, Turquoise, Orange, Mango, Dark Turquoise 
 Dark Turquoise, Turquoise, Olive, Brown

 Pink, Turquoise, Dark Turquoise, Olive

 Turquoise, Olive, Orange, Ivory, Brown
 Pink, Light Pink, White, Turquoise, Olive
 White, Orange, Olive, Dark Turquoise

 White, Ivory, Turquoise, Orange

 Pink, Light Pink, White, Ivory, Turquoise

 White, Black

 Turquoise, Olive, Ivory

These are just the colors that I would pick, but you can of course pick any color!

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  1. i saw your deal on veryjane! I love! Would be interested in offering them on I would love to get them up on there if you are interested. contact me