Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't be scared to chase your dreams, they will only haunt you if you don't!

Lately.. I think my brain is on overload mode. I can't stop thinking about things I want to do, goals, dreams...
On Saturday I standing at the tattoo shop, thinking... waiting for my tattoo artist to finish drawing my needle & thread tattoo.. and I was looking up at the wall of all the flash tattoo art work.. then it came to me.
Well actually it was already planted in my head, my friend Erin (check out her blog) told me I should have my own augie & lola fabric line.
So.. after two days of thinking about it, well three, because she told me on Friday...
I posted something on Instagram and Facebook and instantly had two people write me, and then a few more people..
I asked my friend/tattoo artist Jason to draw something for me, and then my husbands friend draw something else.. then I remembered this other tattoo artist. I have never met him, but he bought a bib from me when his son was born, and I checked out his etsy shop and he had this AMAZING flash art work.. I don't want to give too much away but what it was, but it was great.
So I messaged him and he told me to give him a call, because he was totally in and had a few more ideas.
Now.. I HATE talking to people on the phone I don't know.. it's weird, I get weird, and I start talking a lot... more than I normally do.. and I talk fast and start to repeat what I'm saying...
Anyway.. so he had some great ideas, and I am SO excited to work with him and Jason and Aaron!

So once I get the artwork, I will be using spoonflower to print the fabric. And from there, I will start making what I make now, but it will be with fabric that I helped design!

On another note... I am currently working on getting my own website! But that will take some time!


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